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This is my contribution to all the work that is necessary to make Stockholm and Sweden hot again after the isolation due to the Corona Pandemia 2020. It´s a personal view containing my own secret gardens and favorite spots.

For me Stockholm is my home since 1983. Here I have my work, my family and a flat at Kristineberg, Kungsholmen. Normaly a workingweek can go by without me leaving Kungsholmen. I would not say that I am a local patriot, but I feel comfortable and satisfied with the supply. Nice parks, restaurants and the best italien coffea at Poli Caffé, St Göransgatan 70. But in the weekends I usually want more and leave my comfort zone to explore the rest of the city. Often together with my camera. After years and years of experience the city I still find new areas unexplored.

Stockholm is like any other capitols a living city with an continual transformation. Buildings, people, the sourounding water and areas where nature still can be a part changes. Every season has its values in Stockholm, but the time between april and Midsummer is special. The reborn of life. The Nordic light returns from the winter sleep and everything goes crazy. The cherryblossom event at Kungsträdgården is the starting point that everybody, including me, is waiting for.

This dark year it all started different. The cherryblossoms didn´t care about any world wide spreading virus. Eager to paint the world in pink they exploded about two weeks earlier this year. Allready the weekend 21-22 mars the east flank was in full bloom. But it was a show without audience. The scene is normaly crowded with people from all around the world. Now it was me, my camera and a couple of citystrollers diverging from the rules of distance and voluntary quarantine. At that time we could not imagine the consequences of the pandemia and thought that if we just follow the rekommendations from the public health Institute it would soon be over.

But the pandemia did just continue with an terrible impact that affect us all, all around the world. In some countries more than others. Sweden was early observed in world media and was questioned for our way of fighting the virus. The number of victims died due to Covid19 is higher here than in our neighbour countries. Perhaps the authoroties trusted the public will to much, but still nobody really knows and the pandemia is not over yet. I hope that 2021 will have normal spring and that you join us up here in this wonderful part of the world.

All the pictures are from april to Midsummer 2020 except the one above that is from mars. To help you find the spots I made a map for you with my favorite walking lane, bars and awesome places marked. Also in some of the pictures below you find a dot with a number. It is some of my favorite places for food and drinks. The Map shows you where to get there.

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